What Doesn't Kill Us​.​.​.

by The Commonwealth Of American Natives

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released March 6, 2012



all rights reserved


The Commonwealth Of American Natives Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: Hobo Obituaries
This is where we draw a line in the sand/This where we make our mark again/They'll write an article about me someday/And I know it won't be on the front/Paging anyone, anybody out there/Anyone know what is going on?/What the fuck have we all become?/There's nothing left/Just aggravation, irritation, and neglect/were all these chapters better left unread?/There was no malice intent/Rise up/Revolt/Defeat/Then repeat.
Track Name: The Ballad Of Mama Swords
Mama swords said what we gonna do/When the black and blues come after you/Your eyes your mouth/You’d keep them shut if you knew what it’s about/There is nothing left here for me/But trouble pain and misery/I don’t know how much longer I can stand it/Things just never work out how you plan it/Oh the tangled webs we weave/And it sure got messy/And I think it’s time that I should leave/Lost here in the bowery/With my ginger friends from Tennessee/Just dreamin’ of at what’s at home for me/On that dead end street off Briley/Well if home is where the heart it/Then dig me a grave that six feet deep/I’m done/I’m spent/I’ve been in hell for way to long.
Track Name: Grafspee
Your mouth is a cannon, dear/ And you sink my battleship/ Your verbal cannonballs ricochet against the walls when I’m trying to make sense/ And you say you’re not a sailor ‘til you’ve been through the scuttle in the puddle to find a back door/ Yeah, that’s right babe, I can sink this ship/ We can settle this shit on the ocean floor/ So don’t even bother trying to explain why these sirens at the bar keep calling our names/ keep us warm for the night/ready for the fight/ they keeps us looking for those rescue lights/ And this sea is a hungry dog with waves of canine teeth/ It’ll break a man apart, starting with his heart/ And bring him down to his knees/ We used to have a sense of security/ When we had a good sense of doubt/ Looking in the mirror, just to see a bit clearer but we never quite figured it out/ And these songs that we sing, if they mean anything/ We’d know just when to drop the ball and sink/For those at sea
Track Name: I Don't Get Mad (I Get Stabby)
She was nothing but a common whore/She got what she deserved/You’ll get what you deserve/I drank the water and I came unglued/I took in trust when I got screwed/You can keep your dress/And I’ll take my wine/This was never what we started/This was never what we planned.
Track Name: Rebel Rouser
I’m sick/So sick/Of all these motherfuckers that keep feeding me shit/My life may not paint a pretty picture/But I’m not getting sick of it/I don’t need your savior in my life/To tell me what to do/I don’t need your god in my life/I’ll give him a big right handed fuck you/Let’s misbehave/Let’s not be slaves/Oh yeah/All right/Here’s to being fucked up in life/Don’t give a shit/I never did anyway/Here’s to you and not getting screwed/Let’s never kill/And take lots of pills/Do what we want/Do it when we will/Here’s to you and not getting screwed/When I was young baby I was livin’ large/I was dreamin’ big/I was drivin’ fast cars/I was livin’ the life/Livin’ that fucked up nine 2 five/You say I’m livin’ too fast/I say no I’m on a roll/But when my body is dyin’/And my lungs are fryin’/I’ll see you right there/Right there on the other side
Track Name: Black Market Salesmen
This world is spinning out of our control/A similar song we’re forced to like/It’s shoved right down our throats/The player’s set to repeat/And the needle’s gone berserk/And every time I look around it’s gotten so much worse/Now dance monkey, dance!/Do what that dollar sign tells you to/Now dance monkey, dance!/Do what that dollar sign tells you to do/I see our freedoms here/They’re dying every day/Dying out here on the streets like a fucking pig parade/The cops keep us on lock down while our leaders make their plans/To sell us all to foreign oil or anyone they can/Why do I question the powers that be?/I guess it’s just a patriotic tendency/Why do you believe everything that you read/Lies on paper still look like lies to me/Those pigs are flying overhead/ Oh No!/10 years to life/What a fucking joke/Those pigs are flying overhead/Oh yea!/I’m free/Never want your life of luxuries
Track Name: Sarah Majors
I had a dream last night lyin’ in my bed/ I was a sober Sarah Majors/ All right, all right, oh yeah/I had a dream last night starin’ in a room/ I said the state aint a trap, aint a trap it’s a tomb/ I had a dream last night like I never dreamed/ I said the state is a comin’, yeah their comin’ and their playing for keeps/ I know sister Sarah they got us both by the throats/ all of us with disillusioned since of control/ They throw, they throw, they throw, they throw the first stone/and In the dream I dreamed like I never had sleeped/and one day like Sarah, like Sarah, like Sarah yeah I’ll be free/ Oh, you know we can’t outrun them this time, not this time, no baby, this time/I’ve been a slave for too long/Been in this daze for so long/I’ve been a slave for so long/I’ll be in the grave before too long/
Track Name: The Show Must Go Wrong
Economic depression, civilization regression, a police state to boot, let’s go!/They import the drugs that are on the streets/Then lock you up for just using/There’s more money in human slaves/Then there is in compassion any day/Burn This City/Burn your city/Burn your city to the ground/The CIA has paved the way/Oliver North got off scot-free/If that’s the best you got, then you’re “best” here just won’t do/Blackout/Blacked out/I’m dead/I’ve been gagged and bound/Choked and slammed/Handcuffed sitting in the back of your van/America/!!!!JACK’s Line!!!!/Watch as the planes are circle’n what will they find, Watch as the flames rise higher, we all wait in line/America you’ve fucked us once before/You fucked us once before/You won’t fuck us anymore/Decriminalization, rehabilitation/Not prohibition and incarceration!/
Track Name: Gaveway
For every misplaced cause/And your misguided laws/And every word you speak/And every single time we meet/You try to state your case/But every point you make/Is another foot in the mouth you see/Freedoms not free/Not in this country/Sit back, relax, and watch them rape your civil liberties/You gave it away/All these decisions must be made/There’s always someone else to blame/So where do you draw the line/Between freedom and our own demise?/And all of the bullshit that your sold/You know it makes you miserable/Hate isn’t something to create/It’s a means to an end and I don’t need it anyway
Track Name: Episode 2F14
Where the rubber meets the road and your soul is sold/And the rules are made, yeah made to be broke/ Hell people sing a song of mind control/ People on the streets singin’ for peace, yeah? THE COPS GOT US LOWER CLASS DOWN ON OUR KNEES/ Chance of serving slim to least so you out at night and hit the city streets/ Up to somethin’, good for nothin’, swear your up to somethin’ always good for nothin’/Yea I’ll play every day in your fucking YOU-S-A/I’ll play every day in your goddamned YOU-S-A/We got your money now burn in hell/ We all have a choice, a choice to make, to believe in the media or fuckin’ think/ when prisons are a cover for slavery/ where healthcare’s a capital industry and the ignorant and poor are paid to bread/ Is America still the land of the free? With my grandparents afraid of the fuckin’ POLICE
Track Name: Judge, Jury, And Executioner
What the hell are you doing here?/she said with a whisper and with a stare/That’s not a lot and just relax/And let the hooks do their work/I promise/It couldn’t be worse than…/Baby…
Track Name: Music City Blues
I feel like shit/And that won’t change/Unless I get my fix today/These hands they shake/But they don’t give up/I might be down and out/But I’m not fucked/So I hit the ground/And start running/I still got work to do before I see my end